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Creating and exploring in group settings is a powerful way to share our healing journey, build connection and find support.  I love sharing and working this way.  

As we come together, we bring our collective experience and wisdom into the group and our combined energies can create a powerful space for healing, awakening, evolution and change. 

I bring many years of experience with group work into the space along with completed studies in Training and Assessment as well as Therapeutic group development  and specifically Women's group leadership development. 


I offer themed explorative Art Therapy based workshops that are founded on the principals of using Art as a medium for healing, evolution and change.

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I'm currently developing a group creating process that is designed mostly for the fun of getting together with friends, some guided meditation process,  being led through the creation of your own painting and sharing it in the safety and support of the group.



I have worked with Helena for over 20 years in Women's Circle’s and Art Therapy workshops. I have always experienced deep, personal growth in these settings. I deeply admire Helena's dedication to opening and connecting women to their higher purpose in life. Helena and her artistic skills are a gift to the world.

Cheryl Harrower

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