These sessions are less focused on talking and more focused on the creation of art to express yourself.

I will work with you to create and explore with a variety of mediums.   We will work with pastels, collage, paint, and clay to access and create with the various dimensions of your inner self.   

When you undertake a process like this it is recommended that you consider committing to a series of sessions to develop rapport with me, the materials, and this type of expression.

The Healing with Art process is a dive into the depths of your being to creatively retrieve and restore yourself to wholeness.  I will work with you around creating the safety and support you need to make this exploration and I will hold space for you with respect and awe for the process as you do so.  I will be your guide and travelling companion as you traverse your inner terrain.

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You do not need any art experience to benefit from this work.  The approach is focused on using art as a medium to journey with. It is not about creating aesthetically pleasing outcomes.  It is a place to get real with yourself, discover yourself, and heal with yourself.

A process like this could bring you into a depth of self-understanding you have never experienced before. It could help you to identify and move through old patterns behaviours and belief systems that no longer serve. It is likely to help you move through trauma that is stored in your body and wanting to be released.  It is likely to help you discover more of your own potential.  It could change your life in profound and meaningful ways.



Deep heart felt gratitude to you Helena for our session today. Your respectful and gentle guidance and loving presence holding me, allowed me to feel safe enough to dive deep and connect with parts of my being not yet revealed to another soul. I have come away still feeling that conscious connection and a whole new perspective on working in the realms of my inner sphere. It is evident that you live what you teach and for me this made the session so much more powerful and real. From my heart to yours