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Trauma impacts our body, mind, and soul.  So many states of dis-ease within our being stem from unresolved trauma and related physical and emotional issues. One of the most crippling impacts of trauma is our loss of connection with our multidimensional, innately attuned selves. It fragments our being and disconnects us from internal and universal intelligence, wisdom, nature, life and belonging with other humans.  It can isolate us from the benevolent world.

Art gives us a place where we can weave fragmentation back to wholeness and reconnect with the exiled parts of ourselves.  We can explore inner states and dive deeply with feelings, we can release blocked or stagnant energy, release pain and activate deep healing.  We can explore our instincts and call ourselves home to our wisest and most profound selves. We can realign with sacred purpose and reconnect with all of creation.

When we approach art as a sacred practise it aligns us with our essence as powerful creators. It gives us a voice to tell our story and a pathway to connect with our sacred selves. It gives us the opportunity to create our own unique medicine for healing and restoration.

When this type of art practice is witnessed by an empathic, safe, and caring “other” it is profoundly healing in terms of building healthy connection, trust and belonging.


So much of our pain is rooted in not only what happened to us but also having to endure it alone, with no one to see or hear us.  With no one to understand.

When I support you in this practice, I give you the opportunity to explore and express, beyond words, that which has been endured and is calling for healing.  I create safe space for you to be witnessed as you create, express and release.  I guide and support you whilst you call back the exiled parts of yourself.  I aim to create a place for you to come into connection with your innate knowing who will lead you towards your own sense of wholeness and healing.

In my decades as an artist on a self-healing path, in devotional practice, and training and working as an art therapist, workshop facilitator and counsellor, I have concluded that when combined with sacred intention art can be a multidimensional soul retrieval experience.  A journey into the deep, an awakening into the beyond, a nourishment of tender safety and an expression of all that must be said but may not have a voice. It can be an encounter with the exiled and a powerful discovery of the internal self. A retrieval of the sacred self, an encounter with the cosmic self.

I have witnessed so many amazing moments of growth, tenderness, courage, rage, shame, deep pain, beauty, reclamation, healing, and evolution. Sharing these experiences is a privilege and an honour I will never take for granted.

Personally, I have explored and healed with the support of an art therapist for decades. I have experienced so many awesome, moments of awe, in the process. It got me through the toughest times of my life and changed me forever.  My creative practice as an artist is a union with the multidimensions of myself. I engage in both expressive and somatic art therapy with myself and my painting. I love the paintings that I create but I never forget that the sacred, therapeutic approach to my creating is always about the process and not the outcome…its about what happens whilst it is being created.  It’s the journey.

Its my love for this journey that makes me want to share it with others.  I love seeing others discover the magic of art in this approach.  I love seeing it change their lives.

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