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Helena's Art

I have never been trained as an artist.  I have always believed that my art is a direct communication with universal intelligence, and I didn’t want to risk interfering with that by becoming overly concerned with technique, critique, or opinion. My approach comes from an understanding that the more “I” step aside and allow the creation process to guide me, the more clearly the work flows through me.

My evolution as an artist is directly aligned with the evolution of my consciousness.  Everything I create is a unique and amazing surprise to me.  Nothing is planned.  I get shown beginning places, inspiration, and guidance but I never know what it will look like.

It's a dive into the deep, the unknown and the unexpected…every single time.   The moment I get involved with my own expectations the process dries up and again I must surrender even more deeply.

The painting foundations often begin with my hands in the paint and my eyes closed.  From there the image evolves into its own healing essence.  I do these paintings for myself and as commissions for others.  I welcome enquiries for commissions, but I am also very specific about the circumstances under which I can do them.

My paintings are stories of healing, evolution and awakening that hold their own special medicine. They are always about the process and not the outcome but I hope you will agree with me that the outcome is amazing.



Helena’s art is a gift of healing to the world. To me her work represents the Divine Feminine in all it’s complexity and vulnerability. Her ability to communicate the challenges humans face in their journey to wholeness is unique and powerful. What a gift of medicine this work is in a tumultuous world.

Tanya Morris