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I am a North West Coast Tasmania artist with a deep passion and love for the natural world

My work is reflective of my intention to build connection with the ancient and wild landscapes of our Great Mother the Earth.


My life is a creative journey of self exploration within the context of my relationship with the entire web of life. It is a quest for meaning and purpose. A longing for connection and the restoration of the sacred.


My art is the manifestation of much time spent in the wild places contemplating the vastness and the magnificence of it all and myself as part of it.  Time spent alone with the Sacred Earth Mother leads me  deeply into the wonder of creation and the organic intelligence within it all.

My practice is to make relationship with the wild places starting from the observation of the small elements, soil, rocks, plants, fungi. I look for the hidden patterns and flows within the landscape. I use all my senses to see the micro within the macro and vice versa. I align with the vibration of the place. I observe the feeling of the colors, I ease into the contours, lines and textures of the space. I breathe into it. I connect. I make my sacred offerings to deepen the connection.


I take the lived experience back to my studio.  I establish my palette, I go within, I weave  connection with the sacredness of the land and I paint. I simply let go and I paint.  The more deeply I let go the better I paint.

The paintings are natures expression weaving through me.  They are painting me.

Every piece I creates is a deepening of union within myself and the land. It is a deepening in my experience and profound knowing that we are a part of everything and everything is apart of us.  We are nature.  Every rock, tree and cloud is related to us in the great weaving of the web of life.

me and Mt Roland_edited_edited.jpg
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