This is a chat and explore what’s happening for you session.

I work with you using the Gateways to Consciousness deck

(as featured on this site).

These are the cards I created and have worked with for 30 years. With this experience I have a deeply intimate relationship with them and a good understanding of how they speak their wisdom for you.

Given that the deck is focused on the structure of the chakra system, not only do they offer insight into our circumstances

they also offer insight into how the body is carrying itself and

interacting with life through the awakening process.

card offering.jpg

During the session I invite your intuitive self to join with mine as we consult with the cards asking them to reveal a pathway for you to reconnect with your highest knowing.

Our focus is largely guided by you.  You lead the way.

My intention in offering the session is to support you in the awakening of your consciousness. To bring to light and explore whatever wants to be brought into awareness. To support you in recognising the evolutionary potential within the circumstances you are now facing.

The benefits of a session like this could range from a co regulating experience of being heard and held in a connected and supported space, to receiving profound messages that will help make sense of everything you are going through right now.  It may help you to reconnect with your highest self, to receive the guidance and insight you need.  It  may help you find the solutions and possibilities you have been looking for.  It may help you to realize a little more of your true potential and assist you to be more deeply aligned with your life purpose.



I was fortunate enough to receive a card session from Helena. During the session there was an overwhelming sense of deep relaxing as she worked skilfully to create a safe space while delivering profound truths. There was such a delicacy and non judgmental honouring in her communication style that even things that ordinarily might be tough to hear was received deeply. I am forever changed for the experience.

Tanya Morris