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I have a deep love for the powerful healing space that is the women’s circle.  I have participated and facilitated sacred feminine space for 3 decades now and with each passing year my commitment to the awakening of feminine consciousness deepens.

I have trained and practiced within many feminine traditions for many years now. I am honored to bring those teachings and my own lived experience and practice to the circle.  All my circles are a dedication and invocation to the Divine Holy Mother (Goddess), the intelligence of the Earth and the restoration of the sacred to the feminine in the physical and emotional with embodied practice, in the spiritual with devotional sacred ceremonies.

When we come together in circle, we do so to create safety and sacred space for each other’s awakening.  We come together to support each other as we journey through the realms of evolution, healing, and connection.  We come together to share, breathe, move, dance, laugh, cry and witness the deep magnificence of who we truly are. We come together to remember that we are a perfect manifestation of life no matter where we are in life.

In our circle we love and honor men and we acknowledge that awakening in a feminine body is different to that of a masculine body.  We are a women only space but we practice for all of humanity and all of life with the intention of  offering our evolution and the fabulous energy we create into our relationships, the broader community, and the world.



Helena's circles encapsulate the essence of what it means to sit in sacred circle. You just know you are walking into a field of Safety, Love, Trust, Sensitivity, Respect and Honour. And because of this, I enter her circles feeling safe and fully accepted to be and see what ever I need to be and see in that moment. It is very easy to feel welcomed, held, deeply respected, and accepted in Helena's presence. You just know she has your souls higher good at heart and because of this she has an incredible gift of drawing out and holding space for the most authentic parts of our being. She creates a space that nurtures truth and honours that which has been suppressed. Helena's passion for circle and her dedication to the path creates one of the most sacred spaces I’ve ever had the privilege of being in. Helena emanates clear and healthy boundaries which hold the space in complete safety. Magical things happen in her circles because we all feel safe enough for it to happen.


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