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My therapeutic working life has spanned 20 years in the roles of Counselor, Mental Health recovery program worker, Suicide intervention therapist and trainer. I establishing and implemented an Art Therapy program in a trauma informed psychiatric ward in a hospital. I also created and implemented an Art therapy program for the Aboriginal Corporation within their Advancing women program. My roles being both therapist and group therapy facilitator.


I have an Advanced Diploma in Counseling and have  completed both The Initiatic Art Therapy and Guided Drawing training  at

The Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy.

I have trained with Awakening Women as a facilitator of women's groups and I have attended 100's of hours of professional development undertaking work shops and trainings with the likes of Cornelia Elbrecht, Chameli Ardagh, Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Bessel Van der Kolk and many others in the field of trauma healing, art therapy and women's  spirituality, practice and empowerment.  I am a professional member of IICT. The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.


These days I feel my greatest strength  lies in working with women who are actively engaged in their own self discovery and healing and would like to dive more deeply into understanding themselves and reclaiming their true essence.  I offer myself as a support person in the process of unraveling that which is unresolved and requires healing. I offer a safe and professional therapeutic environment and I bring all of these years of experience into presence in every session I facilitate.

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When we surrender the struggle of trying to find the answers out there and come home to ourselves  we reconnect with our own innate guiding wisdom.
From this place we can navigate our way toward healing and restoration.
We can begin to imagine a completely different pathway moving forward.
Our lives can become an authentic manifestation of this amazing inherant wisdom.
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