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A little while ago a friend rang me and told me she needed to have a conversation with her soul.  She said she couldn't think of anyone better to facilitate a space and support her in that process than  me.  I told her I wasn't sure how we would go about that exactly but for sure I was up for the experience, and so, Soul Speak was brought in to being.

I created sacred and safe space.  We cleared our energy and set our intentions. We did a sacred invocation. A somatic meditation to connect align and raise our vibrations. Then we invited her all knowing, wise essence to communicate through the drawing materials. What happened was completely profound.

The energy in the room was remarkable. Vital, light, beautiful and gracious.

I sat in complete awe as beautiful images appeared on the page in front of me.  Images infused with beauty and meaning and wisdom. It was a magnificent experience for us both.  She received vision and answers and the guidance she came to ask for from within herself. Creatively she communicated nuances of spirit and insight that perhaps there were and did not need to be words for.

She took home drawings she herself couldn't believe she had created.  My friend is not an artist and yet she had these spirit infused masterpieces that she couldn't have been happier with.

Having developed this process and my love for it I am now offering sessions.

In a session I will guide you through the process with reverence for that which is sacred as we journey together into the realm of the soul to receive a creative message created by you. Together we shall create a field, a space where through your own hands you will invite your soul to speak.

$200 for 2 hour session.

online and face to face.

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