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The entire series of healing drawings.

Here is the full series of drawings I have created since I came home from the hospital til now. (you can click on them to see them full size)

Day before yesterday I had the dressings take off and though I am still in the removable plastic splint its time to start massaging and exercising. Gently. There is still considerable pain but its a lot better.

Here it is

I took this after my first shower, the sensation of the water running over my skin was so intense. My nerves were in heaven and completely overwhelmed all at once.

I hope its not too yukky to look at but I wanted you to see how much like the drawings it is. I did one more drawing after this. The last one of this series. Now that I am encouraging movement and mobility I am going to see if I can start Guided Drawing...drawing with both hands with eyes closed. This way the hand will get to speak entirely for itself. For now here's the final one.

I called it I broke my arm and found my wings because though I have had to go through a lot of hardship, pain, deep fear and vulnerability throughout this ordeal it has been a remarkable healing journey.

When I crushed my wrist, my hand essentially stopped working and the flow of the heart meridian to this hand severed with a need for attention and healing. I had to let go of all the ways I've been hanging on to heartbreak, grief and pain...I had to let go of the way Ive been holding onto things that are no longer for me. I have worked through so many layers. It was either going to be a complete collapse into the abyss of despair that has been ever present and calling me or I was going to have to face it all, rise, and heal.

I have had to sit with the messiness of a smashed up arm and my broken heart and hold kindness, compassion and care for myself. A huge turn around for someone who has always been into self condemnation and driven to push myself through with a hard line of self intolerance.

I have had to surrender so much. So much so that it has set me free. I have had to re focus, re prioritize and get very real with myself about some things that I was avoiding until I was thrown into this.

So here she is naked, vulnerable and completely embodied in the experience of the hand (even tho that gives her weird saggy The Goddess has returned and she has freed my heart, my spirit and my being to love again. To hold myself in love and to find a new way of being in love with life.

And now i move into the next phase of healing and slowly rebuilding my life.

Thank you again to everyone who has journeyed this with me. I am so incredibly grateful, for everything.

With love


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