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Last week I sold 12 paintings. It was bitter sweet.

I have been clearing out my home for months now and rearranging my world to create temple space, space for sessions and for art groups. I had more than two decades of my creations all held here in my home. Though I had sold many many over the years there were still almost 60 paintings here.

I made the decision to release all the older ones to the world so that others may enjoy them, live with their energy and experience the healing vibrations they emit.

These Art works were all created in exploration of Art as therapeutic process. Most created with hands in paint and eyes closed as direct expression of my heart. The ink is blown onto them with my breath, again an expression of my heart.

At the time they were made I was bitterly poor. I couldn't afford to buy new canvases, pay for framing etc so I scoured Op shops, markets, garage sales. tip shops....anywhere I could to try and find surfaces to paint on. I was so compelled to create all my money was spent on materials and almost all of my time was invested in creation.

In two weeks (April 1) I will be taking a selection of these Up Cycled pieces to Eco Fest with the hope that they will find new homes to go to. I have been preparing them all. Washing them, doing minor repairs and falling in love with them all.....all over again.

The feeling I experienced whilst I was doing this was a feeling I have only known a handful of times before. It reminded me of when my grand parents died. In both instances I was lucky enough to be with them when they passed and also bestowed with the profound honor of washing and anointing their bodies to prepare for burial. Such sacred and deeply sorry work but profoundly uplifting all the same.

This is what it felt like preparing to let go of the paintings. In some ways i think they are some of the best work I have done. They are raw, alive and full of energy and meaning....they are powerful and very very honest. An integral evolution of my self and my art.

Every one of them is a manifestation of what was happening in my world. In being so intimate with them again I got to revisit the me who was so desperate to express these internal colors, movements and moods. I got to bless the profound beauty that is here and to let go in order to make space for all of the wonderful new creations that are coming.

I love the refinement of the work I create now... I use the best of everything in terms of quality. Canvases, paints inks brushes and I am grateful I can. I've been thinking though, whilst intimately re experiencing my up cycled creations, I'm wondering if perhaps up cycling is indeed more sophisticated, sustainable and reflective of my loving relationship with Our Sacred Earth Mother....hmmmm watch this space who knows what will happen but I'm inspired.

If you live in Tassie come and see me and my up cycled creations at Eco Fest 1 April....

It will be great to see you.

with hugs



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