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The great reveal of the completed painting along with insight into the symbology within it.

Journey into the web of life. The Sacred Earth Mothers field of all giving, deeply nurturing, unconditional love. The profound love we have always longed for. Right here, always here giving us all that we need to thrive in her and our evolution. We are her children, an intrinsic part of her. She is our Mother an intrinsic part of us.

Our Sacred Mother sitting proudly upon her throne.

The birthing throne of the all powerful creatrix of life.

She is giver of all that is. She is the lover of all that is.

She is the weaver of the web of life.

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The Sacred Mothers Heart Chakra. The vital field of love that animates the entire web of life. The portal in to the sacredness of all of creation.

The gateway into the natural world. Her love is so immense that there is enough for every dimension of her creation. Her big love that grows everything and honors the cycles of life and death equally. In this enormous heart of hers there will never be any lack of love or belonging or nourishment for any living being. In this love there is innate wisdom, balance and order that is the essence of creation.

The hand gesture of all that is Holy. The trees of life reaching into the great mystery. The palm a spiraling manifestation of the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

The suggestion of blood running down from the wrist is a reference to the violation she is consistently subjected to. The slow suicide of our species, and every other species alive that she is having to endure and grieve every day. The murder, rape and torture inflicted upon her every day.

As is runs into the sea it is the merging of our blood lines with her sacred waters. Our blood manifest as her oceans and rivers.

The Poppies symbolizing the medicine she gifts to us in the plant kingdom and in the genetic lineage of our ancestors. The memory of the old ways and the old days when we knew that she provided a medicine for everything that ailed us.

They symbolize the wisdom of honoring the journey from birth to death. A remembrance that we have this cycle of evolution in common with every living being on this planet. It's our organic heritage and what binds us to the web of life.

They are an honoring of all innocent lives lost and the inter generational trauma caused by violence and aggression over ownership and exploitation of the Sacred Earth Mother.

The Sunflower is the glory and celebration of ancestral power and wisdom. The sovereign power of all beings to thrive and shine in their own magnificence. An honoring to the remembrance of all that came before us and an honoring of all who will come after.

A rising up for all who stand for freedom. For all that is wild and free. For joy and brightness and beauty and light. It is a symbol of life, of hope and of strength and power to the people.

An honoring of us all as planters of seeds with our frequency and vibration. Our legacy will be the seeds we planted long after we are gone.

The golden Earth butterfly resting on the relaxed and at ease hand symbolizes our capacity to bask in the glory of her love. The Sacred Earth Mothers love.

It is a symbol of lightness, kindness, compassionate understanding.

It embodies all of the magical and deeply transformational qualities of the heart.

Gently, easily and with immense beauty.

It receives the blessings of grace and vitality in rest, adoration and devotion.

The seals are symbolic of the true essence of community. The joy and innocence of who we truly are as the Earths children.

Our divine union with the Earth family and the harmony of playfulness, curiosity and honoring of every beings inherent contribution and worth.

They are also a reminder that even though its fun to frolic in the shallows and to bask in the sensual pleasure of life we must also dive deeply into the emotional flows of who we are.

They are the courage to joyfully explore the great mystery under the veil.

The birthing of the whales is an offering of healing to all of the birth trauma endured by women. The wounding of the feminine in all ways.

They are an invocation to the lineage of women as the growers of life in the likeness of the Sacred Earth Mother. They are the ancient wisdom keepers of all of creation and they are a blessing upon women for the return of this knowing of our own medicine.

The whale mothers are a reminder of all of the women who came before and all they endured and the gift of life passed to the next generation.

The turtle is symbolic of the Earth Mother within many indigenous cultures. It is here in the same spirit. In its intentional rising up to the surface it symbolizes the return of the old wisdom. The rising up of the Earth, her restoration to life giver and sentient being.

It is my deepest hope and heart felt prayer that she be restored to her throne as sacred and holy within our psyche once more and that we as a collective will honor her with deep reverence and love once again. That the return to these ways for humans will also raise us up to our original state of divine grace too.

The turtle is here to remind us that everything we do to her we are doing to ourselves. Together we will rise or perish.

The mushrooms are symbolic of the awakening of consciousness and the re connection of our mind body soul systems. They are also symbolic of medicine and the many benefits of communing with the realm of fungi.

They are reminders of how everything is connected. How the mycellium network is so very much like our nervous systems and brains and all the amazing things about who we are.

They are symbolic of connection, interdependence, inclusion, and global community. The highly sophisticated wisdom of nature herself. The way energy travels on super highways and pathways of light, vibration and frequency.

Her face, the face of our glorious spinning globe from space. A swirling magnificence of land, oceans and clouds. She wears the veil of beloved Mother Mary a holy, cosmic benevolence that has always been here for us. The great Mother of mercy and grace.

She also wears the deer antlers symbolic of shamanic connection to the spirit realms and the multi dimension universe.

The medicine of the deer being strong instincts and a remarkable capacity to be regulated, loving and kind even though they are the most heavily hunted species on the planet.

The Wedge Tail Eagles represent the messengers to Great Spirit as they fly the closest to the sun of all the winged ones. The nest is the crowning glory of a mind that is warm and stable and settled. A nourishing and nurturing place for wisdom, vision and inspiration to be conceptualized. A pure and sacred mind.

The pair of eagles as well as the presence of both the sun and the moon are a prayer for the healing and elevation of the feminine and masculine in a union that can birth and nourish a whole new way forward in union with Our Sacred Earth Mother and the Great Spirit. Father sun warming and giving light and vitality, Mother earth growing and manifesting the alchemy of their union.

The nest strongly anchored to the earth provides stability for the pair to know home, belonging, family, connection and to also fly high in their personal freedom and divine connection with all that is.

Thank you everyone that has followed the creation of this piece. It has been an extremely powerful, amazing and cathartic piece to birth. It has absolutely been a birth....and a death....and everything. Your appreciation, encouragement and support means the world to me.....the Art is my world you make it worth while.

Please join me in my hope and my prayer, my belief in the possibility that we will awaken and remember ourselves as the divine sacred children of the most amazing and ridiculously exquisite sacred mother we could ever wish for. That we will return to her sacredness and that we will remain the free organic and beautiful beings that it is our birth right to be. That no being will continue to endure, loneliness, disconnection and isolation. That we will all remember that she is always in all ways here for and with us.

with deep love and appreciation


I don't know why I don't have comments here on the blog? Some thing to investigate, but if you love her or have any comments you would like to share about your experience with her please email me or comment on the fb post I'd love to hear from you. Thank you.

Prints of Our Sacred Mother now available please click here to purchase.


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