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The Goddess of wild radiance.

The symbols and meanings in the painting.

Magnificent Freya

Goddess divine,

Beaming her radiance

Through darkness and light.

Magnificent Freya

Embodied crystal Earth,

Mead flowing life force

Elixir of rebirth.

Magnificent Freya

Sacred tree of life,

Weaving creation

Connecting beyond.

Magnificent Freya

Feline Queen

Sensual priestess

Initiatory delight.

Magnificent Freya

Celestial guide

Mysterious wilderness,

Sacredness of life.

This painting was born of a 21 Day Sadhana practice with Awakening Women.

It was a 21 day devotional journey connecting in sacred circle with hundreds of women around the world to explore the myths of Freya as keys to personal and spiritual growth and evolution. Along side my daily sacred practice I invited Freya to come through me and onto the canvas. The canvas become my altar and seat of union with Her.

I chose a round canvas to symbolize the circle and the portal we created together for her to come through. She came through with such power and magnificence.

With each dimension of her that opened to me I fell more deeply into the circle, the initiation and the transmutation of my understanding, my vibration and my being. It was a profoundly healing experience.

The Symbols

That she appeared with the head and antlers of the deer was not surprising to me at all. Freya is a Norse Goddess. Where she comes from is the land of reindeer. The female reindeer is the only one, of all species to have antlers. To the ancient people of this land she represents the great mother of all.

For me personally I have been working with the spirit of deer as a teacher for a long time. Her glorious antlers are like tap roots up into the sky ready and open to receive higher wisdom and understanding. Connection with the entire cosmos.

Between her antlers is an eclipsing full moon symbolizing her initiation into spiritual maturity and wholeness. Union between her light and shadow aspects. It also honors the Scorpio full moon eclipse that this whole process led into.

Her third eye is open and receiving inter dimensional vision and insight. She wears the cloak of a priestess and holds herself with grace, dignity and sacred honor.

She is surrounded by a cosmic egg of protection in which she can contain herself and mirror back any ill intent that may be directed toward her.

In the myth Freya receives a golden necklace symbolizing her capacity to assert and maintain sacred boundaries. The four stones each represent qualities she had to learn in order to embody this power so they can become foundational pillars of her integrity and wisdom.

The feather in the center is a golden shape shifting falcons feather. It represents her evolving super power. For me personally this quality is being experienced as the initiatory shift from living to please others into living for divine and intentional purpose.

The snake is an age old symbol of the Goddess. It is positioned in the way to indicate the Goddess rising and also her ability to transmute shadow, struggle, suffering and pain into radiance. No matter what she endures she turns it into even more magnificence.

Freya is the queen of cats. Her cats are symbols of all things feline but mostly sensuality, grace and ease in the pleasures of the body. Here they are her priestesses bowing to her beauty and authority. Bowing to the profound intelligence and innate wisdom within the body.

She stands on a bed of crystals as symbols of her shimmery golden frequency and essence. In the myth it is said that she was born of a crystalline altar. They symbolize her deep sense of being rooted in the ancient underground mysteries of ecology and geology. That she is born of the Earth.

The four virtues I received from Freya and have become the foundational pillars of my practice are, from left to right.

The lemniscate representing eternal flow, balance and regulation.

The tree of life representing the connection to earth and to the cosmos that runs up through our spines and out into the beyond.

Purification by means of surrendering all that does not serve within the body , the mind and the soul. Both internally and externally.

Restoration by means of reinstating ones true essence, life force, wisdom and life purpose.

The tree of life runs through her being from the earth to the heavens. She is deeply rooted in the Earth and also branching out into the cosmos. Her leaves harvest the divine essence of cosmic light and intelligence and assimilate it down into her body. She draws energy up from the Earth, down from the heavens and radiates it into the world as her divine offering .

I am honored to have had this remarkable experience and to have created this beauty. By her grace may we all have the power to reclaim and restore out true radiance. May we, like Freya, shine in our golden magnificence and illuminate the pathway forward into the golden age of love.

Thank you for enjoying her


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