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Calling home the broken and the painful from exile

Finally the hard fiber glass cast was taken off and I got this thermal plastic splint that is removable.

All of a sudden I had access to my arm again but it took me a full day to work up the courage to face what was under there. I had spent a lot of time detaching from the pain and the hard shell cast isolated the wounding from my awareness and my touch.

It was time to let my arm know that even in its poorly state it was welcome and a part of me and I was going to step up and really love it. Time to come back to wholeness.

Carefully and gently I unwrapped the protective casing to reveal the deep fragility inside.

I bathed it with rose water, anointed it with Aura Soma and Rescue Remedy and then very gently touched every bit of skin with sesame and frankincense oil. It was like a soul retrieval. Giving it space, giving it kindness, not being afraid of the disfigurement, loving it.

It reminded me that so much of healing is about calling back the hurt, wounded and disfigured parts of ourselves and offering them loving safety and kindness.

A place to call home.

In the tenderness of loving and caring for the fractured and fragile painful parts we invite wholeness and wholesomeness back to ourselves. Sometimes it asks us for everything and we just have to endure it.... be there for ourselves, really show up in the messy, scary, chaotic stuff and not avoid or ignore. We must deeply feel things we would truly prefer not to......but as we do we are set free and everything is ok exactly as it is.

We are back in the flow of life and life continues in its own intelligent way.

With warmth and gentleness and deep respect for everything that everyone is going through.

I pray you are just being kind and gentle with matter what

with love



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