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Swimming with whales

Many of you have followed the creation of this painting right from the beginning. It's been so wonderful to share it with you. I am so proud of it and the energy of hope that is woven into it with every brush stroke has been a wonder to behold.

The day the baby was born and the title was given was so glorious. It was so exciting as each of the whales swam in to join the amazing birthing and creation. Spiraling, diving, coming together as one community, Holding the vision of birthing the new world.

So here we go the great unveiling......

Veiled and awaiting the special moment

A prayer and 108 rounds of the Gayatri Mantra

Drum rollllllllllllllllll

The sacred strip tease

Just a little

Titillation and delight

Dropping the veil entirely

The magic and the joy

And finally.....ttttaaaadddaaaahhhhhh

Birth of the new world

Guardians of life

Ancient wise ones

Singing, dancing, weaving.

Singing the frequencies for the birthing of the new world.

Weaving the restoration of life.

Dancing in ecstatic vibrancy, fluid, awake, divine.

Mothers, daughters and midwives, holding space for the baby to arrive

Fathers, sons and protectors swimming by their side.

A sacred community gathering.

The keepers of the light

Bringing hope and possibility for a whole new way to thrive.

Dive in, take the plunge, swim and come alive. Receive this sacred moment deep within your heart.

Prints now available for purchase from the store:

If you are local to the Nth West Coast and wish to purchase please contact me before hand, and if you need any help with working out how to purchase in the store please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for supporting my work and in turn my life.

With love



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