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so that all of this could happen.

In short, everything.

Welcome to my new web site.

I hope it is a nourishing and inspiring place for you.

It has been an amazing process in its creation. A process of transformation.

A process of alignment with all the amazing gifts I have been blessed with, but also a journey through all the deepest insecurities in my being. An evolution within myself to become the person who can wholeheartedly make this sacred offering to the world….to you.

One more time life is reminding me that perhaps our greatest triumphs are not so much what we create but the changes we must go through. The evolution that must occur for the vision to be born. It is like a holy strip tease of removing the veils of doubt and shame and mistrust. A surrender into the vulnerability of trusting the sacred innate intelligence within us no matter what. An awakening to our potential and a closing to what does not serve the birth of the vision.

So here it is. Everything has changed. The wheel is turning, and a new journey begins.

With hope for the awakening of Humanity,

For the love of the Earth

Thank you for being here.



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