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In short. I believe it is what is going to save the Earth and Humanity

It's not because I'm a radical feminist....although maybe I am? It's not because I hate men.....although sometimes I have. It's not because I think women should hold superiority over men.....although sometimes they think they do. Its because I see clearly that women have an intelligence inside of them that can create life and what we seem to be living in theses days is so much anti life.

A woman has the capacity and magnificence within her to grow another human.

Women are life givers and that intelligence in its purest form is what I believe will save us.

The feminine body like the Earth has an intelligence wired into it that knows how to grow a life, I feel, it must then, also know how to heal, restore and weave us back into the web of life.

When I use the words Feminine consciousness though, I'm not only talking about women. I'm talking about a life giving essence... I'm talking about the intelligence that flows through everything that is alive. The intelligence that has created this magnificent world that we are a part of. I'm talking about reinstating an awareness of how we are connected to everything. Of shifting the consumer narrative of lack to the celebration of the rich abundance of everything the Earth gives us. I'm describing an awareness where we are liberated from destructive conditioning into our organic intelligence and freedom within the natural order of things.

There's a meme going around from Einstein, something about how you cannot fix a problem with the same thinking that created it. I clearly see, as do so many these days, that the thinking of division and dominance, disregard for life, and profit at all cost, is ready for change. Its time for the life givers to return. I've had enough of the life takers.

So when I say that I stand for the awakening of Feminine consciousness I'm saying I want the world to return to its natural order out of the hands of corporate corruption and war mongers. I'm saying I want no woman anywhere to have to endure violence and abuse and horror. I'm saying I know that the intense suffering of so many can be alleviated by taking back control of our lives from the hands of the few. I'm saying I want us all to reconnect with what makes us thrive and to live as the organic expression of life itself. I'm saying I believe in a much better way and I think we have the intelligence right here inside of us...we just have to learn how to restore it and listen.

I have dedicated my life to this, I know that there is much healing and evolution for women and men, for the whole web of life. And so I endeavor to live my life as an offering to this awakening and restoration and to share with and support other women in their journey home, back to themselves.


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