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Integrating the wisdom from the experience.

The day Kitty died I stumbled upon a post from an animal communicator who had just supported her dog in the transition out of body. She shared an idea that the reason it hurts so much when our beloved pets die is because we are Quantum Entangled.

When Kitty's moment came and she died I clearly felt her being torn away from my chest. It was excruciating. It was an unraveling, a disentangling. That evening when my friend came over I was telling her how this Quantum Entanglement concept had presented itself to me and had resonated really clearly in light of my experience. I didn't research the words I was just curious to see if the universe was going to present me with any more bread crumbs of understanding.

Twenty four hours after she left Kitty asked me to do this drawing. To me it was her letting me know that she was ok and had returned to the source. The entire time I was drawing she was repeating to me . All is one, all is one, all is one. I had asked her for a message from the beyond and this was it. To be honest I was a little disappointed.

The following day I came upon this meme from Bruce Lipton.

In a universe made out of energy everything is entangled. Everything is one.

I started really thinking about that in the context of the polarity of life and death and I was reminded of how important it is that we learn to embrace death fully in order to fully live.

I had a beautiful friend who introduced me to the Stoic concept of Momento Mori. The conscious contemplation of ones own demise and death. He carried around a coin in his pocket with the image of a skull on one side and the words Momento Mori. Remember Death on the other.

He described it as an immediate reminder of what matters and what is important. An instant tool for realignment.

I am the least Stoic person you will ever meet but this really made a lot of sense to me. Throughout all my learning and journeying of indigenous, earth, ancient and goddess culture, there is a common thread of wisdom in understanding throughout. Cycles.

Life, death and rebirth. The intimate weaving of the web of life and our part within it.

Death is not a separate polarity to life, it is an intrinsic or entangled part of life.

I am understanding that to live fully is to embrace life's lover and counterpart. Death.

ALL IS ONE. In a universe made out of energy all is one. There actually is no separation, just changing forms and expressions but essentially everything is connected at the quantum level.

I did this drawing on Thursday, five days after her passing. It was an exploration of the concept of Quantum Entanglement, the integration of the learning and the receiving of the gift she gave me in being able to walk with her through her death.

I have had the image on the altar ever since. Looking at it, feeling it. Chanting with it.

Today I noticed that it is the unraveling happening out of my left hand. The one I broke. The one that had to learn how to let go in order to learn how to love. The one that the heart meridian runs through and expresses the energy of the heart through.....and there it is, I drew it without even realizing it

I cant believe it!

Perhaps one of the most powerful things to learn from love is to let go and perhaps the thing we call love is actually the way we remind each other that all is one and not only are we connected to each other, we are connected to absolutely everything.

We are many, many rivers and we all are one

As we flow into the ocean, mingle and become

Part of one another

One big sea




Free, free,free


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