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Kitty's passing and her incredible Spirit drawings.

If you are friends with me on FB you will know that I was palliative caring for my beloved Kitty who was slipping away with heart failure.

She died on Sunday in a very sudden and sad turn of events.

As you may know I have been drawing with her throughout the process. I wanted to bring them here because I believe she, Kitty, the powerful Cosmic Shaman that she is made this offering as her final act of love and sharing of wisdom.

The guided drawing is my process, the Spirit Drawings of her were her request.

The Guided Drawings

Once again drawing with eyes closed using both hands. Movement meditation and communication with the body. In this case communication with her. She came over and was sitting on my feet whilst i was drawing.

1. Kitty's heart failure.

2. Bringing clarity and soothing the non heart beat. Kitty lost her heart beat.

3. Your glorious heart. We walked together side by side through the valleys of darkness. Your beautiful green eyes like all seeing beacons of light.

4. Wild huntress spirit. Grace, elegance, light.

5. Kitty the portal is open. You are free.

6. Arise my darling the Ancients are calling you home. I will look out for you. You will look out for me. We will always be together. You are safe.

7. Back into the arms of the Mother and the web of life.

There is not really a lot to say about that only there were many tears shed on those pages.

This was on Wednesday. We kept going up and down. Medication every six hours, feeding, toileting, drawing and chanting. 108 rounds of the Gayatri Mantra 4x per day.......and the roller coaster. Is it today? should I call the Vet.? Asking her, is it today? Are you ready yet? She continued to give me signs and telling me directly through very clear telepathic communication but I just didn't have the heart yet to let her go. So I just kept drawing.

The Spirit Drawings

First there was the Lemniscate I posted on FB. The releasing of her Spirit....

I kept chanting and drawing and taking care of her, she was actually improving considerably on the medication and so it was becoming very confusing as to which way this was going. Regardless she was a 21 year old cat with heart failure and three very sore and tired legs.

Saturday night she was peacefully resting. I drew her. I was very aware that I was drawing her Spirit departing from her body. It was very beautiful to create this image. For the first time in a week she was not laboring for breath she was calm and the energy in the room was very sacred.

I chanted 108 Gayatri Mantra rounds and she asked me to draw her again.

Now she was up, She was agitated her breathing shallow and she was obviously distressed. I started to draw. As I was drawing I looked down at her and there was a big black white tail spider sitting beside her. I quickly got up grabbed the spider and took it outside. I registered this was significant but was relieved Id seen it.

The next morning as soon as I woke I had a very strong impulse to draw the spider on the drawing I had done the night before. I did, so Kitty was calmly sitting waiting for breakfast. Soon as I finished drawing she tried to stand up and I saw immediately her poor beautiful foot swollen to double its size. The spider had indeed bitten her,

A whirl of chaos and despair in me. I knew that was it for her. Kitty died that day.

And so the next phase of the ceremony began. Washing, anointing, blessing. I sat with her and had a cup of tea, drew her, talked and cried . We were together like that for 4 hours and it was kind of weird but so incredible. I got to watch the complete transformation of what happens when the life force entirely leaves the body.

Later in the evening a beautiful friend came over and together we prepared her for burial. Another round of Gayatri and we wrapped her with her crystals, eagle feather and all her medicine power objects and we returned her to the arms of the Mother.

I was completely wiped out and went straight to bed. It was 8.30 pm. At 2.00 am I woke to her meowing. I got up and had to draw again. So apparently she had made her way to the Giza plateau.....uuummmmm...what?

Any way this is what I drew. This is what she wanted me to draw. This is very much what she looked like before she died...It still chills me to look at this.

I spent the morning creating this mandala on her grave and more chanting to consecrate the grave and her body. She clearly was not there any more.

At 2.00 pm I heard her meowing again. Time to draw again and I drew this with the resounding message from her. She just kept repeating it.


And she was so happy and light and at ease with it.

Finally at the end of the day two beautiful sisters came over and just after sunset we held vigil at her grave and did a sacred ceremony of grace and chanted her another 108 rounds of the Gayatri.

Good Bye Kitty. It has been an extraordinary honor to walk this path with you for 21 years.





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