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A contemplation on the years end and hope for what is to come.

Last night I walked the sunset. It was warm and still, ever so still. It was so lovely to be at one with the stillness and to enter the invitation to reflect.

Here we are at years end. The Christmas is done and now we turn to the completion of the old year. More importantly, we are just about to take the step into the portal of the new. It is bizarre to me that we are coming to an end point, a death if you will, and here in Australia it is the peak of summer. Everything is alive and thriving, but here we are.

Whilst the celebrations and gatherings abound I feel so drawn to go within and be with the shifting through of what has come to pass. I want to receive its gold and beauty,integrate it and transmute it into what will come to be.

I am going so slowly and gently, thinking about what really matters to me. What I learnt in this past year and what I realistically want for the coming cycle. I am spending a lot of time journaling, resting, walking and being with my altar and being with the sea. In my dreaming, in my deep.

This past year has been full of challenges that felt like big losses but upon reflection now I see how deeply rich and transformative it has all been. I sure am not the person who stepped into 2022 anymore. A force of change and evolution has flowed through my life. It has demanded I grow, evolve and heal. It has demanded I let go. It has demanded all of me.

In this year I have journeyed through the final stages of the menopausal transition and that has changed everything. It has been momentous and nothing will ever be the same. I consciously undertook the initiation and it has deeply transformed me.

I became a crone.

I have been stripped of many things in this process. It has been brutal in some ways but in the intensity of it all I have had to keep turning more and more deeply toward the reassessment of what matters, and where I'm going for this end phase of my life.

I am committing myself even more deeply to awakening to my true potential, to the essence of life within. To discovering even more about the magnificence of my own being and the magnificence within humanity. I have committed myself even more deeply to my relationship with the Earth Mother and my sacred journey. I have committed even more deeply to being an active participant in the awakening of consciousness and the evolution of humanity. I have committed myself to a deeper understanding of love. I will continue to learn how to surrender myself to the flow of life and learn to trust in the innate guidance and wisdom within more deeply than ever before..

From these foundations I trust that the rest of my life can be a manifestation, a surprise, a curiosity. An invitation to experience greater possibility than ever before. That I can continue to evolve the old perceptions of myself, the world and the way we live.

And this is what I also wish for you. That you will connect richly with the wisdom and guidance within your own being, That it will guide you towards what really matters to you That you will discover new and amazing possibilities for yourself and that you will become everything that you can be.

As we draw to the close of the year there is a new moon above us that is slowly waxing and building. As it builds we too can tap into her momentum and build a way forward for ourselves that is in alignment with our hearts, our souls and the divine wisdom of the web of life and universal consciousness.

As a deep gratitude for your support and friendship and in my hope for you to start the new year connected with your inner guidance and divine wisdom. I would like to further support you by making you this offer.

For the month of January I am offering you a half price

From the 10th of Jan until the end of the month I am offering you

either of these sessions for just $50.00

The Card Reading Sessions (Click link for more info) are an alignment with your wisdom, a dialogue with your inner guidance. I do not predict your future with the cards, instead I help you to see what you need for your future to be the one your true potential and inner essence want for you.

(click link for more info) are a creative dive into your essence to retrieve the guidance and insight you need to help you to reveal and resolve what is ready to be faced in your pathway forward.

To Take Up The Offer click here just send me an email and I will get back to you to arrange a time. Sessions are face to face in Penguin Tasmania or online.

May the coming year provide you with everything you need to thrive.

With love and deep prayers for the entire web of life.



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