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Star Gate Labyrinth

So here we are on some kind of precipice of change for humanity. Destiny is beckoning and somehow we all know that we are at a critical turning point now. We all know what the options are. I don't even need to go into all of that.

Ultimately we know that we need to expand our consciousness, awaken to another way of being on the Earth and with each other or we are heading really quickly toward extinction.

I decided when I was in my early 20's that I was dedicating my life to the awakening of consciousness. That was 30 years ago. I had no idea what that meant, I couldn't even conceptualize the reality we are now living in. To be honest, at the time what that meant was festivals, amazing parties, chanting, yoga, meditation, healing...all the groovy things, but I didn't understand that in truth what it really meant was a complete evolution of my being. I didn't understand why I was being drawn to hand all my other worldly aspirations to this cause. But I did it.

I was chasing the ultimate spiritual high, the ultimate get out of the misery of life strategy. I tried it all. The higher I went the lower I went. I simply couldn't transcend myself. I'd find the next new thing, belief system, healer, psychic, practice, guru, plant medicine, lover, scene...whatever. Totally indulge myself, fly high as a kite and eventually, every time come crashing right back down to the reality of who I am and the pain of my soul.

Life does what it does, I balanced out a lot, I never reached the nirvana I promised myself and my sense of futility with it all was overwhelming. If only I wasn't me. If only I had succeeded at becoming someone else. I tried every thing I could find to try and not be me.

Time rolls on. Eventually I found myself in a heartbreaking situation, my relationship of 15 years falling apart, my sense of self at an all time low, I was on stress leave from my job. My hair was falling out I couldn't sleep I couldn't eat, everything was nuts.

The flash point came when I had a near death experience in a car accident....Well I wanted to die, I left my body but I was also very violently thrown back in to it. I came to saying something is wrong I was supposed to die. I was devastated.

From that time on my body started presenting major pain, on every single level. My relationship ended, my job ended. Everything about life as I knew it ended and now I was dealing with doctors, hospitals, surgeons etc. Fortunately I was also gifted with new teachers and healers that taught me so much about myself. They offered me new ways of seeing, new ways of understanding and new ways of being. The universe gifted me a master healer who never gave up on me and supported me, my body, across the bridge from hell to possibility. I am eternally grateful to him.

In the depth of it all, there weren't any big highs anymore there was just the reality. The trauma that I was carrying around in my body was causing me to live in absolute hell. Either I was going to stop and really deal with what was happening or I was on the highway to intense suffering and decrepitude. In making that commitment I have been to the depths of despair but I have also experienced remarkable miracles. I know myself in a way that I couldn't even comprehend whilst I was looking for the next best thing.

Tree of Life

Its a long story that I won't get into but here is what I have learnt.

The awakening of consciousness we are being called to is the awakening of the understanding of ourselves as perfect, beautiful, light, energetic beings. I believe our knowing of this has been diminished by the way we live but it is our ultimate truth. In this truth we are completely attuned with nature and each other. The time has come in which we must turn towards this truth or we are just not going to make it. We need to awaken our innate understanding of interconnection, of ourselves as magnificent weavers of the threads of life, of ourselves as being woven by an intelligence of pure vibration and divinity.

We can't entirely conceptualize what that is because we are still here in trauma imprinted consciousness. There is however an innate intelligence within us that is constantly guiding us towards this potential......if we listen we can consciously co create with it to make this new world possible. I wholeheartedly believe that.

We are living in the culture of trauma. Our very beings, right down to a cellular level are affected by the trauma of our personal worlds and the world at large. The decline of the environment, society, human health, mass plant and animal extinction, the poisoned food chain, on and on it goes. We even traumatize ourselves for entertainment these days watching ultra violence and human shadow intrigue for fun. More devastatingly we are over laying the most beautiful intimacy humans can share in lovemaking with the culture of violent porn. We are constantly bombarded with the threat of harm and in this contracted state we find it hard to realize how alive and amazing we can really be.

Of course there is also our personal traumas from family of origin and other life experiences which are the building blocks of our energetic make up. Based on those experiences we become who we are. Our bodies become who they are. There is no separation.

To awaken we must somehow claim our sovereign right to reject the assault on our humanity and restore our innate human potential of light and energy and true thriving. We may not be able to shape the big traumas in the world at large but we can commit to making the changes and doing the healing within. We can actively engage in the unraveling of the internal traumatic influences. We can choose the wisdom within ourselves that wants to guide us towards the awakening. I believe humanity does collectively want to evolve but are enough of us listening?

Simply put, the more trauma the less light (life force or energy). The less trauma the more light. Our vibration is an honest reflection of how we are coping with our trauma. Trauma holds us frozen in contraction. The absence of trauma is openness and flow. It seems openness and flow are the state we need to attain for our own survival and the survival of all the other species on the planet. The more we are willing to process and work through our trauma the better chance humanity has of turning around the shit show we are now in.

There are a lot of ideas out there about how we can do this work and I don't think there is any one way. What I do think is that if we start listening to our own guidance we will be shown the way to come home to our own truth and to reconnect with the incredible impulse for survival and life and thriving that is sweeping over the planet. We can claim our own sovereignty and set each other free . We can envisage a whole new future that doesn't involve a dystopian sci fi prison planet. We can make another choice....We can choose the simple light filled beauty of life. We can stand proudly for what we stand for knowing that in this courageous choice we are energizing and empowering life force and freedom for the generations to come.

with hope and possibility and the belief that we can do this



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