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I am privileged to share my life with this remarkable being

Next month we will be having a 21st birthday celebration for her.

I'm going to invite her favorite friends over and we will sit on the floor in a circle and she will socialize with us all in true Kitty fashion. She loves a party.

This past weekend I have been lying low with the issues with my spine.

Kitty has been beside me or on top of me for days as I've been processing thru the pain. Purring and doing what she does energetically to help me get thru.

She's incredible, such a powerful healer, such a giving spirit.

We have been through a lot. She has supported me through really tough times, she got me through those surgeries. I got her through getting hit by a car and having one of her legs removed.....oh that was so tough. Poor Kitty

She has dementia now and shes deaf and she has a thyroid condition but she is still very much alive and living true to her purpose in being my companion.

She always brings me back to whats real and whats here. Cat food, Kitty litter, vomit, yowling in the middle of the night and the deep love and closeness we share with each other.

I am seeing her become so frail and I know she will not be here for that much longer and honestly I don't know what I will do without her. She is truly an exquisite soul. Her healing skills are incredible now that she is so much closer to the spirit realm. She comes and she goes.

My life will be forever enriched by living side by side with my Great Guru Kitty.


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