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The next phase of healing and insights

As my wrist is healing so well I decided to do my first Guided Drawing session.

Now this is truly not about the image but the process. Its drawing with eyes closed, its going to look like scribble on a page...but its not, its very powerful language of the body.

When you look at the images think about the movement the body would be making whilst making these marks on the paper....if you can do that, you will get an insight into this profound therapy.

The process involves connecting with the body and eyes closed allowing the hands to express the movement of flow from within. Sometimes there is a lot of movement sometimes there is not.

  1. Anchoring Strength

  2. It feels good to express all of this but ouch it hurts my wrist.

  3. Dropping in. MY BODY is aching for movement but ouch my left hand. I'm relieved it works.

  4. Calming and soothing. Surrounded by Angels wings.

  5. Strong boundaries - sacred space. I can relax, I can rest.

  6. I am vulnerable. I am tired. I need a safe place to rest. I need to heal.

This session was a really great reminder of how important titration is in a therapeutic session. This approach to trauma healing encourages release in small increments, safely and carefully. In this case my hand is holding a lot of frustration ( its evident already in 1 but very much so in 2) and I wanted to bolt away with the expression of it but it was causing me physical pain (in 3 I come back into the body). I am checking in with myself.. I made a deal with myself when starting this that I was not going to cause myself pain....this is about healing.

So as soon as the effort was getting too big I reigned it back in to a safe place (in the angels wings in 4.) I then go about giving myself the space I need to under take the next phase of my healing. I create a space with strong boundaries for my vulnerability and give myself permission to rest (5 & 6).

I know the release is not finished but it is enough for today.

I think its always important to know when its enough and to always be kind with ourselves in the healing process. Take it easy take our time. Its great to go deep but also important not to overwhelm and re traumatize ourselves. When we are stable and safe enough within ourselves the body finds its own amazing ways to release and reclaim a healthy calm and regulated nervous system.

This beautiful, aching, weak and amazing healing wrist of mine continues to be a profound guide on the journey back to love.

Be kind, take your time, healing is complex

with love Helena

Here is a clip of Cornelia Elbrecht the founder of Guided Drawing describing what it is.

If you are curious about this amazing therapy I suggest you have a watch. You will see my hands. I'm in there.

I have been fortunate to work with Cornelia for decades and was fortunate enough to be in the first group of certified practitioners in the amazing therapy. As far as I know I am the only person on the North West Coast of Tasmania offering this remarkable therapeutic practice.

If you would like to experience Guided me


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