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Staying present through the festive season.

To be honest this is a tricky time of year for me to negotiate. Once again I find myself somewhat stunned and overwhelmed like the proverbial deer in the Christmas lights.

I'm turning towards the overwhelm and stress and for the first time ever I am committed to holding myself gently and getting myself through this time with kindness and grace....whatever that looks like.

I love it that there are people who love Christmas and experience it as a beautiful and joyous occasion. I am also aware that there are others who it is not such a joyous time for.

Negotiating Christmas on my own. without family can be hard, very hard. All the expectations of how beautiful and connected and wholesome and happy this is all meant to be is very confronting for many reasons.

It seems to trigger a looping around in all the old stories of pain and loss and blame. Old patterns presenting as invitations into shame and self rejection because its just not how its supposed to be. And yet it is what it is. It's my experience. Therefore it must be valid. So instead of looking out into the world to tell me what this is supposed to be I have come back into presence with myself and I'm facing the loops and stories with awareness and curiosity.

I am embracing the healing opportunity here. Using my regulation practices and releasing myself from the stress and expectations. And even though I'm on shaky ground it feels great. It feels like I'm free.

It is Solstice today. Of course here in Australia its Summer Solstice which to me makes the snow and tinsel thing even more bizarre, but here we are.

My sacred practice today has been about remembering the magnificence of the light. The Solstice light and the light within myself. I have been celebrating the light within every cell in my body. Activating its magnificence and fullness and inviting its brilliance in to heal the shadows of suffering and despair. As I danced in the fullness of the lifegiving light force today I reaffirmed the sacredness in myself and all of creation and the pain and old stuff seems to have lifted. I've got this I can do it.

My Solstice blessing and Christmas wish for you is that you will remember that you are light, that as you move through this time you will remember your connection. Your life given connection to all of creation. That you will take a moment to honour the Earth Mother who provides us with all of this abundance, no matter what you have or have not.

That you will shine brightly in your magnificence. Claim your sacredness and remember to see it all around you. I pray that in this remembering, no matter what loops present themselves, no matter what comes up, that you will find love in your being and stay present with yourself.

Thank you so much for being in my world beautiful being of sacred light. May you shine brightly in the magnificence of all you are. May this festive season be whatever you need to realize even more light and beauty and love in the world.

with love



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